July 24, 2008

Blogging twice a day. =D


Today, maths class with Ms.Tor was scary. Apparently, she got mad coz some of us didn’t do the examples that she told us to do. (Don’t blame me! I did my part!) Anyways it was the first time I’ve seen her got this mad. She seemed really pissed off and actually told us that she wanna leave our class right there and then. But she didn’t. Phew! I don’t blame her though…Coz in a way, I guess we’re to blame for our own actions. Anyways, it got a lot better later and the guys started to joke again. However, she’s not that pissed compared to my former math teacher back when I was in form 5.

Mr.Khoo. How will we ever forget him. Haha.. I remembered last year during teacher’s day we actually planned to buy him some toothpaste, toothbrush and new pants. Lol… you don’t wanna know why. -_-“ It was much more tense coz one of my friends (you know who you are! =D) pissed him off. He was pissed, she was pissed. If I could, I’d really love to share with you the story but I don’t wanna cause any misunderstanding or what.. so yeah, the story ends there I guess. =P

Eco class is, amazingly, entertaining today. Cher Emisa told us bout taxes and how the government tends to intervene and stuff. But I think she’s too into it coz her action’s getting bigger every second until all you can see is a woman dressed in baju kurung telling bedtime stories to us kids, her face lit with emotion and excitement. Yeah, bedtime stories. She noticed it and thought it was strange too. And we all laughed it off. =D

Today is a weird day

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