July 18, 2008

I'm so jealous...

Today is my sis, shala's birthday. yahh happy birthday sis. 21-year old already. but this time, whoever's reading this must hear me complain.

(inhales) this is totally unfair! my dad bought her a tennis racket!! yess a tennis racket and no, its not just a racket! its tennis!! ^screams in agony^ waaaarggh i'm soo jealous T.T and the brand is wilson... the brand fedex uses.. i'll get u back on this sis! I'LL GET U!! (exhales)

anyways, something funny happened when me and my dad went to seria to pick up this 'fruit-cocktail cake' in moinam. my dad went to fetch it and gave it to me in the car for me to hold it. (you know, in case it topple over or what.) i opened the cover to see how it looked like and there it is scribbled on the cake with the lovely calligraphy writing : happy 21's birthday lee pei fun'. yupp.. my name, on my sis's birthday cake. -.-''

obviously, it was my mum's fault. hahaha.. straightforward huh? but its true.. coz my mum sometimes tend to err.. drift away to her dreamland whenever she's talking. her eyes would suddenly lose focus and she'd just stare wide-eyed into nothingness. haha strange huh? yupp thats my mum. Fatin knew it too, you can ask her if you don't believe me. =D

Recently, me and my friend's relationship are kinda rocky. not only me though. she kinda betray us and followed the other group of gals instead. you might know her coz she's well known among ppl.. especially among seria ppl. =) if u live in seria, you definately know her friend's name. ultimate bitch, for real. okay, wanna oioi le. farewell, my friend muahahaha

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