July 3, 2008


u know, i never knew seria had a couple of whores. and right now, they're sitting beside me. im sure they're certified whores, coz they really dress the part. good for them, they're probably well known already for having their clothes thorn to shreds but still wearing them around town. sigh, what a pity. i feel sad for them actually, they thought that they're ranked high above us when everyone knows that they're just a couple of spoiled dickheads. pity, pity.

today, CCMS won and CHMS bandar lost. im talking bout bbl here. i think its a really unfair game coz near the and of the game, when CHMS is leading, the referee kept claiming they did fouls until CCMS catch up with the points and overtake CHMS. CHMS lost by 1 point. its obvious coz CCMS is from seria and of course every1 support seria's team. anyway, i'm looking forward to the next match. wanna watch CCMS lose. (wtf?!) haha.. no offence, u can support CCMS all u want. i wont know or care either way.

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