July 17, 2008

just like that

I think i'm getting a lil lazier day by day. you know, its that time of the year where you wish there'll be a month's break. ive been doing most of my homework early in the morning at school. imagine me in my classroom hovering over testpads n open books, 6.30 in the morning. man i'm doomed.

I really wanna start learning how to drive. that idea just popped up one morning when i woke up.. that is also the reason why my sis refused to teach me- coz of the 'idea just popped up' part. lame -.-

there's an eco test later and i havent even read a word yet. hope i can pass. (i wish!) amazingly, ive done the next math homework which the teacher haven't taught us yet. Isky bah. coz its kinda lyk kacang so i cant help it. hahaha prasan! nah, i was bored actually..hmm..

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