July 11, 2008

great match

SMSA won! yay... 2nd place goes to CHMS B and 3rd place CHMS A. 4th place CCMS. and i think one of CHMS's player is having a bday and every1 sang the bday song to him. XD

anyways, recently i've been playing this gameboy game called golden sun. i'm sure some of u might've played it (?). well, i'm stuck. coz i don't know how to set the shortcut key and i need it. T.T anyone? please?

i'm very excited about tomorow coz 2 of my classes are cancelled. and i can go home early. yay for me! then in the afternoon we have to take our report slip at the hall.. with our parents... wasting my time. -.- we take also same thing bah. whats the point anyway. its not like our parents are the one taking the exam. i think i did okay.. not that good but at least i passed all. its a start haha XD

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