October 26, 2008

Over and out

I've got like more than 10movies waiting for me and also gossipgirls s1, monk s1 and s2 in line. So many movies, so little time.

Anyways, went to bandar just now. sampat lgi tu... xD thanx for buying stuffs for me btw (sharn n shla) hehee... next time we try the yam gelato ah =D

Basketball matches all over again. but this time are all companies associated with BSP. i dont think i'm gonna watch it though... exam... darn.

Hopefully i'll get to go temburung this december (the environmental club's activities or something). its only a 3day trip and OGDC sponsored us. well, kinda. luckee...wohoo! i'm still not sure if i'm going..


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