March 17, 2013

Future Music Festival Asia!

Yesterday night was the best night of my life! I knew I wanted to attend the Future Music Festival even before I flew here to KL but I wasn't sure who else is going and I would surely not go alone. Turns out Kim, Azna and Nana was going so I decided to tag along! Bought the tickets only a couple of days before the event and it was on.

Funny story actually, that late afternoon after class I decided to head over to Midvalley to get the tickets. It usually takes about 5 minutes to reach Midvalley from the Uni LRT. Just when we got on the bus it started pouring! Not the usual cats and dogs rain, but the angry, loud wind and crazy thunder rain! In the end it took us about an hour to reach the place! wtf seriously. We only went to the second day of the festival and the ticket is RM168. Totally worth it!!! I'd say it's pretty cheap considering you get to enjoy the performances of so many DJs and artists. Most importantly, you get to enjoy yourself!


 Decided to play up the lips. I've been breaking out REALLY badly these few days! I have a feeling it's the MAC Studio Fix Fluid that caused it. :(

 Upon reaching at 4.30pm, it was drizzling!

Trying our best to rock the garbage bags they call 'raincoats'

Thankfully, the rain stopped seconds after this photo is taken!

 Merchandise for sale! 

Shuk and Kim


The food camps right outside the entrance

Intan and Kim

Free ferris wheel rides for all

Music ain't only for humans...

Crowd's starting to pour in

I wish I could take a shot of this at night! Damn packed!

This dude pulled off his pants on the ride and started slapping his ass lol

Where Rita Ora, Temper Trap, Psy, Fun and Bloc Party performed

Taking a break from all the dancing

Psy is super nice, he performed Gangnam Style twice. First time so that we can take some pics and record videos and the second time for us to actually enjoy the performance.

Waited almost an hour (felt like an hour, could only be 30 mins) for Fun! Everyone screamed when this came on lol

Nate Ruess in all his awesomeness!

He also sung Fun's latest single called Why Am I The One and it's good!!! Listening to it now lol

About an hour or so before 2am, an incredible show of fireworks!

What is it about fireworks that are so mesmerizing? Can't take my eyes off of em!

We spent the last hour movin' and dancing to Prodigy's music at the Warrior's Dance arena near the entrance. You can seriously find all kinds of characters here in the field! One thing for sure is everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives! It's good that the night is so dark no one's able to see anyone's faces because I'm pretty sure we weren't looking as fresh as we did when we first arrived lol Now I'm left with nothing but nostalgic bitterness of this awesome night. This is what I call a night to remember!


  1. Looks like you had a fun time! Cute shorts!

    Sita xx



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