February 18, 2010

Randy the new puppy!

Oh I'm so in love! Isn't he the cutest?!

My dad surprised us all today by bringing home a puppy! Yes, you heard right. My DAD. Haha... He's usually the one who complains about our old dog and how Boyboy (our old dog's name) never seem to bark at people. Lol I know that sounded weird but my dad wants the dog to bark at strangers so that he'd know whenever there's someone outside the house. Yes, the dog stays out for good reasons.

So Shala asked dad what this puppy's name is and he automatically said, "Sandy."

Like it's a matter of fact.

Did someone say my name?

Haha :P So we renamed him Randy. Whoooyeahh babyy!

Boyboy :D

Enough of the puppies and dogs, let's talk about cats! Haha... I miss having mourrie around =(

Mourrie chillin' her ass on one of my dad's plants. ROFL!

I think I've posted this picture of Mourrie before but who cares, she's cute!! She really likes to show her appreciation to us by killing birds and frogs and insects and placing them right outside our kitchen door. Click here to see what Mourrie has done to the poor bird. =(

But I still adore her, of course :D

The lion dance troop came to Soon Lee a couple of days ago (yesterday, really) and good thing they came during my lunch break! The people were pretty cool and kinda funny too.........zzz.

Okay seriously, I got nothing else to blog about.

As always, what's a blog post without a picture of me? :P




Gosh. I need to get a life.

Much Love, Shely

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