March 1, 2010

HongKong series's flaws

Hey people!! :D Based on the title of my post today you guys probably know what I'm gonna blog about. A 'friend' of mine HAHA sent an email to me about her views on Hong Kong Drama series. I know there must be quite a number of die-hard HongKong Series fans out there but the points that she have given me actually makes a lot of sense!

Here are some examples of Hong Kong drama series:



Personally, I don't watch them. I did watch them, when I was 10? Hahaha Definitely a long time ago. The reason I don't watch them anymore is because I prefer watching Series such as Heroes, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, House and the likes. Basically, US series lah... And partly is also because of the 5 points below.

Read them and tell me they're true. You can't argue facts. :D

1) They always gather around dinner with luxurious food and talk. and one of them would take a piece of chicken and put it on another one's plate. And use alot of four-words phrases.

2) There is always plot revolving around rich HK businessmen who always wear suits. Then on the other hand, there will almost always have poorer characters to show the contrast.

3) I also noticed that they like to show the rich sitting in a luxurious living room with maids and talk and the poor sitting in a standard size living room and talk. In reality, we don't sit in the living room and talk right? In US, at least when they sit on a couch to talk, they are watching TV which makes more sense. This one, they just sit very formally with no TV. And do the four-words phrases again.

4) Basically, whenever they gather around, they will always leave a gap in front for the camera, and prefer to crowd around the back.

5) I also noticed this bad habit with HK actors. They like to point fingers when they talk which I find very rude. Even when they refer to themselves, they point their fingers at their noses. And when they refer to you, they point their fingers at your nose. Example: "Lei ah *points at your face* lei yao mou gao cho ah?" Rude rude rude.

P.S.: These are just my views and my friend's views on them. You can LOVE Hong Kong drama series all you want and I won't give a shit.

Much Love, Shely

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