March 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Hey people!

I'm really happy today coz I get to watch Alice in Wonderland!


I've got to say that I absolutely love it! Their characters are very pronounced and each have their own distinct traits. Wonderland is awesome, I wanna visit that place if possible :P (Be careful what you wish for!)

Now the Alice in Wonderland's Urban Decay palette makes more sense to me. Like why they name the eyeshadows Jabberwocky, Curiouser, Vorpal and especially Muchness! Love the Madhatter!! There's a lot of chemistry between the Madhatter and Alice, they should be together. :P

The limited edition Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland palette. Loves.

After that, me and Ain went to the Body Shop and apparently there's a special discount for their lip glosses. Saleslady said it's the last day today.

Ain got this really GORGEOUS orange lipgloss with a hint of gold sparkles to it. And it's buy 1 get another free too! How awesome is that?! I think these only costs BND19.90??

Ain and me :D I look so dark beside her. Hmmphh!

She also got me this really cute cellphone strap. Yeah, I think that's what you call it. :P Thanks~!

Bunnies. Obviously someone's favourite xDD

Sharon and Stephen~

There's not much that I'm up to nowadays. Except... this:


Oh well, that's about it. Stephen bought the tooth fairy DVD. So Imma go watch it now. See ya'll bitchesss

Much Love, Shely

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