March 28, 2010

How to train your dragon :D

Dearest readers, the title of my post obviously shows you guys that I've watched the movie. *proud* HAHA wtf. Too bad it's not in 3D!

And I dragged my dad into the cinema to watch this too! Haha... At first he was complaining: "This cartoon, no good! Wanna tipu kids." Then I showed him the trailer and I asked him again seems nice or not. Then he quiet.

I WIN!! :D

HAHAHA Really wu liao... but yeah, no complains on this movie definitely. I really like the dragon toothless, and I think his powers are the coolest. :D

I also passed by the Body Shop at the mall and they're having another sale! Their shower gels for only $5!! wtf. I didn't buy any though coz we're kinda in a rush. Even when we reached there, got into the cinema like 10 minutes after the movie started. =(

Too bad Shala had to watch it twice two days in a row! Haha ;D

And of course I'm gonna end this post with a pic of me. Duh.

Till next time bitches~!

Much Love, Shely

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