April 3, 2010

Love that red!

Hey girls. ;)

I didn't plan to blog at all tonight but I realise that I need to write more. You know, release my stress. Haha hm... that's probably why I've been blogging all about beauty products. It makes me happy. :)

It's all about this lipstick I got that I'm going to write about tonight. Love that red by Revlon.

I have to say, I know these lipsticks have been on the shelf for years. (Meaning they're on the permanent line, not literally.) But I've never gave them any attention. Until now. And they're AWESOME!!!


1) They're really, very very moisturizing.

2) The colour's R.I.C.H. Loves~!!

3) It glides on easily.

4) Not crazy ass pricey.

This one I got is really red though. I've never been really into lipsticks so I never used dark coloured ones. But I guess change is good? :P I've always preferred to focus more on the eyes and less on the lips. But here goes nothing:


My lips are kinda thick I think and I don't know if that's good or bad. Never really bothered me though. What do you think? Should I wear this to bandar tomorrow? xD Hahhaa Feeling kinda skeptical about this.

Oh yeah, I'm going to watch CLASH OF THE TITANS tomorrow. Ehehee I'm so excited!! I'll give you guys a short review on it here once I've watched it. :)

Oh, Yeah.

I went to this crazy bitch's (Amy, you know who I'm talking about hahaha DOH)birthday dinner at the Seaview Hotel a couple of days ago. Here's some pictures stolen from Sheau Hui's facebook (Love ya gurl~)

And of course my fav picture of the night:

Hahahaaa :D

Then there's the incident with the policemen at the Lumut beach. Now that I think of it, it's really kinda funny. Hahaha that's one birthday which I'll never forget!

Much Love, Shely

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