April 6, 2010

Clash of the titans

Hm... I've been updating quite frequently, haven't I? ;) Which is good coz I get to release stress and you guys get to read some nonsense when you're bored. I know you are. Why else would you be reading this now?


Moving on~ Haha Yesss I watched the movie!! Phew I feel like I'm cursing it whenever I said I was gonna watch some movie coz sometimes it just never happens. =( But yeah, my wish came trueee BOOYAH


The story is kinda similar to Percy Jackson & the lightning thief or something. Except if you are 5, you should watch Percy Jackson and any age above that, watch this one. Look at that huge ass monster in the poster. Ridiculous. And his teeth. Come on, for real? But it's really kinda scary in the movie though...



Anyways, I like Medusa in the movie! She looks like some Final Fantasy character. Her tiny nose and basically just the overall 3D digital effect. The next line contains spoiler!! I like the part where she's trying to turn the desert creature into stone but it won't work and she's confused. Then the desert thing is like 'Hahahaa... TOGETHER~!' Then it explodes... Sigh so memorable eh. Suka ku. :P hahahahaa apakannn!

Just go watch it if you haven't already!

Hm... I didn't really buy anything while I was at Bandar. Except this


The papaya body butter.. finally!! And I went to Shop @ Sarah's. There's a lot of products sold there too.. like so much more. I'm definitely going back there. I noticed with Body Shop's body butter, some of 'em have really subtle smell. You have to be standing beside me to actually smell the body butter. The rest, my God. So strong! Shala once said it's choking her. -__- wtf

But I love it anyway~ Doh

Excuse the messy floor behind me :P

Much Love, Shely

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