April 26, 2010

New look.


Warning: Nonsense ahead.

It's time to update my blog again. Though I'm not really sure if I like this new background and 2-column thing, I think I'd just give it a try. I have a hell lotta links in my blog so I've always preferred the 3-column ones. Anyhoos, I have gotten rid of some links just so this 2-column blog would look a lil neater. :D

I've been thinking of dyeing my hair again.. and adding some pink! loves hehe I've seen a colour that I really like:

Sorry no link. This image above is obviously NOT MINE.

Nice aa... heehee

I've had everyone who watched Date Night telling me that it's awesome and had all of those who watched When in Rome told me that it's either not as good as Date Night or that it's not good. At all. So I guess I've done the right thing by watching Date Night and not When in Rome? :P

This one's real fugly. HAHA
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