April 12, 2010

Date night

Hey people!

It's been another pretty good weekend for me coz... I watched Date night! :D Why do I feel like all my blog posts recently involves movies? =/ I don't think that's good. Haha but anyhoos.. it's freaking AWE to the SOME!!!


For me, if you wanna watch it, please don't bring along your kids (If you have one. Or two.) HAHA but it's damn funny!! I give it an 8 out of 10. Which is super duper high if you ask me! :D Oh and the tickets are only like BND4 each at the mall.


Throughout the movie you'll see Mark Wahlberg without his shirt on. Seriously, he NEVER puts on his shirt from the beginning till the end even though Steve Carell (I forgot his character's name) kept demanding he put some clothes on. But thats okay ;D HAHAHA

What I wanna watch next is 'When in Rome' but I don't think that's possible as I've been going to the theaters for 3 weeks in a row or something. Sharon said she ain't bringing me again! ='( sad


This is how I feel like on the inside. =___= But I can't take a picture of myself doing it coz I'd look hideous and stupid. But of course the model above nice la... :P

I'm talking crap!!!

And yesss, I did order a couple of stuff online again. I can't help it, there must be something wrong with me. Nothing fancy, just some NYX jumbo pencils and a couple of pigments. And maybe a bronzer... OMG I need help... =(



Can't wait for these babies to arrive on my doorstep. ;D

Sigh, don't you just L.O.V.E. camwhoring?!?

Much Love, Shely

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