April 19, 2010

Just words.

Okay, this ain't gonna be much. Just words.

Haha yeah I can't believe it either. It's been a while since I last posted ANYTHING without any images of makeup, random deviant art stuff and me. -__-

Let's begin. Last saturday I went to Laneige to get my prizes but was told that the stuff in the prize doesn't suit me so they have to change a couple of things. Thus, I'll only be able to get them this wednesday. Went home and rested for a while (I remember it was a freakin' scorching HOT day.) until 3.30pm when Ain messaged me that she just woke up and is on the way to my house.

We wasted no time and put on these Korean songs that she burned and just... dance. HAHAHA that sounded kinda stupid. But really, it's not. :P Its a lot of fun, esp when you have a pro *ehem ehem cough cough* teaching you for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ Haha that's the point. Right? :P

I've been reading a lot of comics lately in my free time. Fairytail. I just started about 3 days ago and its gooooood!

Okay seriously, this sucks. I need some images here.

My NYX jumbo pencils have arrived. And my Covergirl bronzer is ready for me. I'm ready too! But apparently transportation isn't ready. =( Sad to the freakin' max!!

At work... kinda stress every lunch break coz dunno what to eat! Like I'm so running outta ideas. Fried mee, Fried rice, Wet mee hoon, bread, nasi lemak, yoghurt, milk, biscuits, ayamku, boiled egg, banana, sushi, you name it I've eaten it. -____-"

Let's leave it at that. I'm done complaining for tonight. =)

Much Love, Shely

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