March 17, 2010

Monroe piercing

Hey people.

Something caught my attention again. Yes, this:


Well I've been thinking, it'd be awesome if I could get a monroe piercing. Placed above the upper lips, off-center. But you know, this is Brunei. And I live in a Kampung with no excess to any tattoo/piercing parlor. Brunei is basically like a big kampung with rich cultures and traditions.


I think in the states it'll cost at least USD50 for that 1 piercing. Wonder how much it'll cost here. BND15? Probably done unprofessionally with a piercing gun. Which reminds me of the time I did my lip piercing at this saloon at Seria. I did it anyway even if they're using a piercing gun, I was 13.


Ah well, obviously it didn't turn out well coz the EARRING is too short and there's no space for the wound to swell. And my lips are kinda thick. I think. I remember it hurting like H.E.L.L. So I took it out and the second I did that, the wound closed. Seriously. I know coz I tried putting the earring back in and I couldn't. :P HAHA

So I guess it's best if you let a professional piercer pierce your lips, ears, whatever.

Basically, to pierce your earlobes, use this:

For any other piercings beside the earlobes, use this:

Hmm... this needle costs only like, USD1.49 each. Maybe I could order some and DIY. HAHA



One word, people. Gorgeous.

Much Love, Shely

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