June 14, 2011

Movies and TV shows!

Hey guys!

I've been super busy lately!! Catching up on the latest movies and series... :P

Here are some that I just watched recently.


I give it a 7/10. Just coz the many of the characters are really distracting looking and they always zoom in on the faces of the animals! Mind you they're not those cute fluffy types like a cat or a rabbit but are lizards and mice and various types of rodents! Ughhh

No Strings Attached

This one's kinda slow. A 6/10 from me. I don't have much to say about this movie. It's the kinda movie I'd watch when I've watched all the other movies and/or series and am left with this one. lol just... not my cup of tea.

Red Riding Hood

I kinda like this one just because Amanda Seyfried is so pretty! I know I know, I'm biased like that haha but honestly, the storyline is pretty good too. I like how they keep the suspense hanging in the air coz there's no way you can tell who the hell is the werewolf until the very end!

I give this an 8/10.

Super gorgeous!


Ok I love this movie the most among the rest that I've recently watched. It's the perfect modern fairytail plus Neil Patrick Harris is in it! He's the typical Barney in the movie even though his character is blind. It's pretty unlogic actually, like how there's a witch (Mary-Kate Olsen) who put a curse on Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) and he has to have someone fall in love with him for the next year before the curse is permanent... or something like that.

I give this movie an 8.5/10.

I Am Number Four

Now I've only read the book before watching this movie so you know how you'd always have an expectation of how the movie's gonna play out in your head and it is NEVER the way it goes in the actual movie? Whatever the movie, the book is always gonna win but this one is pretty good. 7.5/10 from me.

On to TV shows and series.... hehehee

Modern Family

I just downloaded Season 1 on to my laptop last night and since then I've watched half of the season. This is super awesome! Elena's right, if you like HIMYM, you're gonna love this! I initially thought this is an hour show like gossip girl or something but it's not! Awesomeness.

Love Bites

Some of the cast of Love Bites:
Furthest left is the girl from Confessions of a shopaholic, girl in the middle MIGHT be from one of HIMYM's episodes (the girl who never shuts up), second from right is from the movie white chick, furthest right is Amanda from Ugly Betty!! I love her she's awesome!

I love how there are so many familiar faces in Love bites! There is also a cast from Heroes and also Georgina from Gossip girl!

Teen Wolf

Cast of Teen Wolf

I've only watched two episodes of this but I'm already hooked! The plot is pretty predictable but I like it still! I think most of the casts have their own twitter accounts but I only follow Tyler Posey coz he's cute wtf

Single ladies

I was skeptical when I first started watching this new series but I guess it's okay now. For me, this show suits older people more, like maybe people in their late twenties or thirties? It's a far cry from the usual shows that I watch like PLL, GG or TVD but still worth watching!

Zomg. I just found out that Stacy Dash (Far left) is 45!! I thought she was in her early thirties... geez... LisaReye (Middle) is also 45 and Charity Shea (Far right) is 28. Lol that's quite a huge gap between her and the other two ladies.

The Voice

At first I don't even wanna watch this. Like really don't want to lol coz I thought it's gonna be just another one of those singing competition shows and I really grew tired of em. em meaning American Idol wtf but Shala insisted that it's really good plus have Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine as judges I figured that I might as well give it a watch. :P

Now I quite like it. heheee And not because of Christina or whatnot, but Blake Shelton. He's kinda... well, hot wtf

Can you guess which one is him? (Courtesy of his twitter profile pic)

Funnily enough he's the only guy from The voice that I follow on twitter. Yeah not even Christina can get me to follow her. =/ Blake is 1.96m tall. Crazehhh!!!
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