July 18, 2011

Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green

Hey people!

I've just received my circle lens a few days ago and was so excited coz Katty from Q4geo told me that she will be showing me some of the new lens that she's selling and one of them is the Princess Mimi lens! If you don't already know, the Princess Mimi lens is similar to the circle lens promoted by the popular Tsubasa Masuwaka, which is called the Bambi Series. (Total count of using the word 'the': 6) fml

The original packaging that came with the lens

Details: Manufactured date, Base curve and Diameter

Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green!

I love love love them! For one, the size of these lens are pretty large so you can definitely see some enlargement (doh) and I like how you can still see the color and design of them even under artificial light. Once one gets a taste of larger lens, they can never go back to 14mm ones. True story. :P

Without flash:

With flash:

They're super comfy as well! Anywhos Geo lens are generally very comfy so I've always enjoyed wearing them. Now that the new semester is just around the corner, I'm glad I got these bad boys to keep my sight clear for any incoming hot guys that might walk pass me wtf

Oh yeah I did some research ehem* online and found that Princess Mimi lens has a life span of 1 year. Thank goodness.

I know you want me... You know I want cha wtf

You can order yours at Q4Geo!

(Which is where I buy all my lens since 2009.) *proud*
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