July 24, 2011

New semester and a Book: Learning from the heart

Hey guys.

So I was pretty caught up in my own world for the last few days, didn't even notice the last post was written a week ago. My second year in UBD is about to start in one week and I'm still having trouble finding a breadth to take for this coming semester. argh. I do wonder what this semester's gonna bring me. It felt like a new year somehow, but we all know it's just August. I'm pretty excited about walking around the tracks of UBD's sports complex again. It has been a while. :)

A few of my friends are moving to the new hostel this coming semester. It does seem pretty fun but I doubt I will move there. Actually I don't really mind staying at the old hostel coz my sis Shala stayed there for her 4 years in UBD so I figured if she could do it, then why can't I. :P I always feel challenged by my sister but it's all good because where's all the fun in not being competitive siblings sometimes right?

K next topic wtf

Yesterday me and Sharon went up to Bandar with my dad for a quick shopping spree and as usual we stopped at best eastern for the longest time. One of my favourite places in the worldz.

Best Eastern in Times Square

So I was in a dilemma coz I wanted to get two books and at that time I can only get one. bip bop bip bop. I ended up getting both books. :D Yes miracles (aka dad) happen sometimes!

Learning from the heart by Dr Dan Gottlieb

I finished this book last night and it was spectacular and undoubtedly one of the best I've read. The author wrote it as if he is sitting right next to you, telling you snippets of his past experiences and what he learnt from them. There are a mighty good amount of stories and lessons in this little book, all derived from his personal life, about 33 chapters in total and each chapter is as good as the next one!

Here's a snippet from the book:

The above is taken from one of the chapters in his book entitled 'Holding my mother's hand'. Upon reading the title I thought he meant holding his mother's hand when he was a child but really it was when she died.

Definitely pick this book up when you're at Best Eastern! or any book store! It will touch your heart, I promise.
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