July 7, 2011

Would you rather: Revlon or Maybelline

Hey guys.

What do you think of my banner? I've been wanting to change it for ages but I couldn't find any suitable image for it. I'm settling for the current one so let's see how long I can stand before changing it again wtf

I've also wanted to change the layout of this blog for a while now. It's just that every time I try to change it the whole blog ended up looking distorted and retarded I have to reset everything. The previous layout is fine, just that this main blog space here where I'm currently typing is too narrow and I feel a little claustrophobic lol #firstworldpains

Moving on... :P

Recently I was desperate for liquid liners coz sometimes when I use false lashes I need to cover up the band of the lashes if it's too obvious or cover up the glue. I never really use them to line my eyes coz I am half mono-lidded and I need a very thick layer of liquid liner for it to even show so I normally just use gel liners. Gel liners FTW btw. :D

I just got and tried two liquid liners.

Maybelline EyeStudio liquid eyeliner

Revlon ColorStay liquid eye pen

Okay so I got the Maybelline one first. Even before I used it Jesmine warned me that it sucks and it's really hard to get the liner off... I didn't know what to think coz I was hoping it only happened to her and to the rest of the world except me. lol who knows...;P

Pretty similarlah. Except Revlon's tip is firmer than Maybelline's.


She's right. Each time I tried to apply Maybelline's liner on the same spot to make it darker (logic), it just overlaps and you can see this fugly borders of the liquid liner where I swiped it! wtf!! Why Guardian pharmacy no return policy?! Anyway it was really horrible like all my nightmares came true fml

Revlon's liner is less intense and opaque but it's a hell lot better than the former. At least no horrible-looking border shitz. -___- A tad more expensive at BND18.90 but still affordablelah. I think.

So that's my two cents in these drugstore liquid liners. I don't know about the other ColorStay liquid liner that comes with the brush. Tried it before but forgot how good or bad it is lol Honestly I prefer Revlon's makeup line in general in comparison to Maybelline's. Revlon's actually my favourite drugstore brand. At least in Brunei. :)

Random shot

Even more random shot. Wikkie sleeps on his back! loves.
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