October 16, 2009

Sigma brushes

Howdy people. Can't believe I just said that but anyways, I've been entertaining myself lately (Whenever I'm not studying) with trailers of upcoming movies which aren't out in the cinemas yet. I really wanna watch '2012'. I realised that lately, meaning in the past few years, many movies of the world coming to an end were made. I've watched 'Knowing' and the ending is unsatisfactory and sad. =(


Based on Wiki, 2012 will be out on 13.11.09 and exactly a week from that will New Moon's time. Yipeey! Not that I'm that big of a fan...

If you notice, my Wishlist has been getting longer all the time. =( My wishes add on faster than me granting them. The ones that I'm crazy about right now are the... Sigma Brushes! Of course, of course... what else?!

These are their face brushes. Wait, there's more.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Tadaa! Their eye brushes! Aren't they just BOOTIFUL? :D I've watched like a thousand reviews on them and most of the people said that they work either better than the MAC brushes, or they work as well as the MAC brushes! Can you believe that??

And... a set of these 12 brushes cost you a total of USD 69! Whereas a set of these 12 brushes (Not identical, but similar) from MAC costs a whopping USD 444!! (Juicystar07 said that) Don't believe it? Me either.

You can buy them here if you're interested. Though I'm like so excited and everything, I don't have them. Yet. xDD Oh, I'll geddit alright! Someday. Duh. What's the point of putting anything on the Wishlist if you're not gonna get them right??

P.S.: They ship WORLDWIDE. :D

Much Love, Shely

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