September 25, 2009

Yes, it's time.

And BOOM!! I'm back. :D

So I know that it has only been a few days since I last blogged, but it felt like a gazillion years! So here I stand, trying my freakin' best to entertain you. What shall we blog about today?? How about...

Alexis Bledel??

She's the prettiest girl everrr! Don't ya think so? But she's like 10 years my senior, which means she's 28. Yeeps!! It's hard to imagine right? Coz she looks kinda young. I first watched her starring in the movie 'The sisterhood of the travelling pants' (Which is awesome, by the way!) and she reminds me of Kristen Stewart. Though I have to say, Alexis is 100% more girly than Kristen will ever be! I'm not saying Kristen is ugly, just very tomboy-ish.

Don't trust me? Watch her here.

Anyways, I went to Miri like a few days ago and this caught my eye:


Beautilicious. Okay, you guys are probably gonna laugh at me coz this product has been on the market since 2007 if I'm not mistaken but it's not like I went to Miri every week! I only go there like... I dunno, twice a year?! What the hell... you just made me confess to this embarassing fact of mine. Oh well, who cares??!

Ehem, as I was saying, I really like the packaging of this product coz it strongly reminds me of Stila's. Especially with the drawing of this pretty lady and surrounded by her pretty pink things. It's a good marketing strategy to attract teenage girls... unfortunately for me. T.T

I hereby announce my next goal in life:

Obtain at least 3 of Beautilicious's makeup kits which are...

1) Victoria

2) Alyssa

3) Quick Liquid Eyes Kit

Okay, whoever who had already purchased these items, please tell me ya! I need some reviews on them and their quality hehehe... :D

I did purchase some of Beautilicious but only the separate pan ones. And only two... =(

This is basically what I got. The 6 empty beautilicious pallette holder costs RM25.90. I mixed some of the pans with Elianto's coz they're about the same size. The duo smokey eyeshadows from SilkyGirl costs only RM11.90!! I was so mad when I paid for it coz I usually get it for BND8.90 here! =.= Which is about RM20?? Damn it.

I couldn't find any Primer with decent prices in Miri (Found one which costs RM100! Are those people crazy or what?!?) so I bought Ianti's (The purple bottle) which costs RM18.90. Hehe... that's much better. I'm a cheapo. What to do... T.T

Oh yeah I actually wanted to do some swatches for the eyeshadows but it's 12.13 am now and I'm kinda tired and lazy right now. Sorry.

This item has got to be my proudest possession so far. It's a brush cleaner!!! Yay! I've searched for this thing my whole life in Brunei and couldn't find them in ANY store, even TheBodyShop. Tsk tsk, such a disappointment. Stage is the only store in Miri that I know of which sells this item. Like I said, it's very important to clean your brushes. Only for RM25.

Look at my towel after I cleaned them:

Ugh. Disgusting right. I know. So girls, CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!!!!

Oh and I tried pressing pigments earlier today using this cheap BND2.90 pigment from SoonLee. This is how it looks like now after mixing it with rubbing alcohol and transferring it into a pan.

Is that my fingerprint on it? Lol... It's quite pigmented and works pretty well. I like it better this way coz it won't go all over the place like pigments usually do. Learn how to press your pigments in this video by Allthatglitters21.

I organized my cosmetics stuff again coz I used to trash it all in a basket and it's getting really messy. Everything I have is in these neat little drawers now. So there ya go, my tip of the day: Use drawers to separate your products! :D

This is the longest post ever! Ciao~

Much Love, Shely


  1. kristen stewart is seriously annoying. acting like she don't care and all. her every gesture is just disturbing. and 1 thing for sure she can't act at all. take off that ugly hair and she looks nothing like joan jett. she's just Bella in another era. frowning and biting her lips are her forte.

  2. Yes thats quite true. Her character seemed the same in every movie that she starred.



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