September 19, 2009

Chinese eyes

Hey Bitches! :D Feels like ages right?? Hahah... ah well, just that I haven't been going out lately and there's really nothing to blog about. So this is gonna be a short one before I find anything new and sparkly to blog about. The lens have arrived though:

So I've been browsing through Deviantart recently and look what I found:

I know this pic is probably spread all over the internet. I mean, unless they're selling the accessories, it's a total disaster. Oh well, maybe they have nowhere to store their cute little things so they just put it up there. Look at the hair clips. =.="

Okay, this one is totally awesome~! Love it. :D

Pretty, no? I've watched tutorials for these type but it's really difficult. Plus... you know how my eyes look like. -.- ... yeah just like that. Seriously, people always thought that I close my eyes whenever I smile. Well excuse me missy, my eyes are O.P.E.N.!! You just can't see it coz... you know why! *Burst out crying*

Here, lemme show you what my eyes are like:

Er... I think these pair of eyes won't represent me that much. He looks kinda cute though... hehee xD I mean Chinese eyes like...:

Dude, this Chinese barbie doesn't even have chinese eyes! Wth man!! Sheesh... Lemme try again:

Exactly!!! Yeap that's it. My eyes look like this. T.T

Ah well... I know I shouldn't complain so I'm shutting up. :P Peace out Ya'll!!

Much Love, Shely


  1. Are all these lenses yours? :O

    And plz remove that word verification shit on comments :P And allow us people with a self hosted blog to comment too :( I wanted to comment more here, but everytime I see that word verification my motivation fell away LOL

  2. lol nope they aren't all mine. I ordered just a few pairs. M helping my friends to order too. :)

  3. Oh sorry bout that verification 'shit' haha coz ppl rarely comment on my posts so i never thought much about it but wth... i hate it too so there you go. :P



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