September 4, 2009

Credit cards, anyone?

Hey people! I didn't plan to update my blog initially coz there's still some things that I have to do... till someone keeps pushing me to do it so here I am :D Anyways, I'm really interested in getting myself a credit card in the future. Visa or Mastercard. I wonder which gives better consumer benefits. Well, let me share with you what little knowledge I know about them.


Of course, applying for a credit card requires a minumum annual net salary. Lemme break it down for ya:

Visa/MasterCard classic: BND 560/ month

Visa/MasterCard gold: BND 2,000/ month

Visa Platinum: BND 4,000/ month

The information above is from HSBC, I dunno bout the other banks. And it's only for the local people. Expatriates are given a different amount, which is like higher. For more information, click here.

I think everyone should get a credit card. Here's my 10 very good reasons why:

1) Easy shopping when you didn't carry enough cash.

2) You don't need to count them like you do cash.

3) A card or 100 pieces of BND 1?

4) It looks cool when you take it out in a shopping centre.

5) It makes you appear wealthy.

6) It makes you feel wealthy.




10) I'm running out of ideas.
Anna Sui's Dolly on the beach! <3

The usual retail stores sell it for around BND 60. Acmamall, the online shop, sells it for only BND 35.24! With free shipment! I dunno bout the delivery and stuff but isn't it relatively cheaper? Since it minus the other costs like rent which retail stores have to cover for. Oh I'm talking about the 30ml one here. Not the 50ml.

Also, there's so many other things that I bet you wanted but couldn't buy coz... Brunei don't sell them! And what are the chances that you'll go to M'SIA or SG every other week? This is what online shopping is for! :D Talking bout online shopping, betcha couldn't find a shop in Brunei which sells... this!


Yes, a nail polish rack. Can be used to hold your single/duo colour eyeshadows as well like SilkyGirl's. Or this!

A file folder organizer. Well, you can probaly find this but it's gonna be difficult to find right?? The purpose of this organizer is... to put all your makeup palletes in. :D Got the great idea from Juicystar07. This is especially good for those who owns bigger palletes like the coastal scent ones or any other palletes.



And I've been thinking of Nanyang lately, the shop which sells kids stuff and cameras on the ground floor and girly stuff on the first floor. In KB town. Been wanting beads lately. Here's why:


A brush holder! These pics are from Glitzy Glam. Check out their shop here! I think they ship worldwide. =) They look super cute, I know! And that way, you can organize your brushes neatly! How cool is that.

Last but not least, I wonder how you girls out there clean your makeup brushes. I think it's pretty difficult coz using water is just not really working for me and shampooing can be tough on the bristles. I use wet tissues though. I've been hunting for brush cleaners all over Brunei and guess what? They don't exist in Brunei. As expected. =.=" Even Faceshop doesn't sell them! I'll try the Bodyshop soon. Wish me luck.

Much Love, Shely

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