September 7, 2009

My vanity

I have to say, I'm really satisfied today coz... I got my beads!! Plus a few other things. I was wondering though, what sort of makeup remover does the majority of girls use. I've been using NV's, which is my mum's. But NV's makeup remover is the creamy type and it never fails to enter my eyes and stings them. Basically, I hate them. Then I saw Face shop's. Shala bought Faceshop's and it works wonderfully! Costs BND 16.90.

Then I made this amazing discovery, thanx to Fatin! :D Johnson's baby oil. Yes. Baby oil. Cool right?? lol I know Michelle Phan uses olive oil so I bought the baby oil for BND 3.20 and tried it on my makeup. And guess what? It works perfectly fine! I'm so happy I saved BND 13.70! Especially when I'm like so broke right now. You know la, students are always broke. At least for me... =(

Face shop's makeup remover with Johnson's.

Read up there: for eye makeup remover!

Oh oh lemme show you how the beads work with my brushes:

Er... still kinda messy but it's better now than before. :D

I dunno why but I'm really into organizing my stuffs recently. I saw this really cute jar in Seria and can't help but buy it:

Perfect for storing cotton balls! Every girl should have one of these, only BND 2.30. The jar, I mean.

My haul for today. Love the nail buffer thingy! It works magic!! And the Revlon matte eyeshadow. It's highly pigmented unlike the Face shop's. Plus, Face Shop's too glittery. Ugh. The brushes are cheap ones. Like around BND 2 each. Don't think I'm gonna buy any good ones yet. Coz they're kinda pricey.

I guess that's all I got today. Here's some other photos:

Otw to KB. Shala looks so flirty! :P

A rare shot of me and my bro. The pic's so blur!

Me and Sharon when we're at nanyang hunting for my beads :D omg I need plastic surgery on my eyes!

This is how it looks like everytime I use makeup. Fuckin messy.

P.S.: What the hell is wrong with the people nowadays? Damaging my things without even a 'sorry'. What a retard.

Much Love, Shely

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