September 10, 2009


I think my blog needs some downtime. Let's talk about me and my life. :D

Hm... there's nothing interesting really. There's the basketball for 23s and under so I've been watching that. Have also been watching Heroes S3. It gets so good that I'd rather sleep in the wee hours, in my dad's car when he drives me to school and of course, in class. Tired eh. =.=

Oh, and I did my nails! So happy :D

It's actually really white but my camera's not awesome. Anyways, I'm using the FaceShop's WH002. Quality sucked.

Okay I'm getting really bad at blogging... Oh yeah I've gotten all of my papers back! Yay. But the results ain't that pretty. It's horrible =.= At least I passed all of them. Ask no more, it's CCDD.

I've been thinking about that Blue matte Revlon eyeshadow in my drawer for days as I haven't had the time to try it out. Now that I'm blogging, might as well try it.

There ya go. I actually stopped blogging just to put this makeup on. Sigh... it's like I have nothing better to do.

Close up.

I used the Revlon matte as my base. Coz the colour turned out to be fugly when it's swatched directly on my eyelid. Used white in the inner corner of my eyes on top of the base and a dull matte blue on the outer corner. Metallic blue for the eyeliner. Btw, don't mind my juling eyes.

I hate the afternoons. It's like I'm always waiting for night to come. Alright, back to watching Heroes. Toodles! :D


Much Love, Shely

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