September 14, 2009

Crystals are awesome


Based on my post's title you'd probably know what I'm gonna 'talk' about today. Yes, Swarovski crystals are awesome and you are not. Okay, that's not my point. I think us girls need to have at least one of our possession blinged. Come one, at least one. Coz seriously, guys dig them too... in a way. hahah Don't believe me, eh? Look at this:

I know, that Benz looks way HOTTER now than before right?? Aw man... I'd kill just to be seen riding this car around town. Ol' Seria town would do, no need for Paris. Haha :D

P.S.: I need a pair of shades just to search for these images.

Initially I wanted to just Glam up my cellphone coz I got tired looking at it but now that I think of it, I can actually bling any other of my stuffs. It doesn't have to be my cellphone right? It could be...
My mouse...

My pendrive...

My laptop...

My headset... By the way, I love this one!! xD Or...

My toilet bowl. Is that how you say it? :D

See? It's totally versatile! For those of you who are interested, I saw Nanyang, KB selling some but there are only a few sizes and colours to choose from...

An Ebay seller is also selling crystals covered cellphone and ipod cover. Though they're only available in the US. Check them out if you want to here. Below is a sample:


To really shop for them, click here. The website is Artbeads and it's an online shop which sells various shapes and sizes of swarovski crystals, among other things. Also, they ship worldwide! That's kinda the point right?? :D

Watch how Xiaxue blinged her thing here:

Guess I'll end my post here... dream of pretty crystals tonight! xD


Much Love, Shely

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