August 2, 2011

Back to my supposedly second home

Hey people!

The past few days have been pretty crazeh. My life has been a huge shuffling between youtube, packing, moving, stroking the cats and cleaning wtf Just yesterday mom called me from home announcing that our cat has run away into the jungle behind our home and will probably never return again.

Naughty Wikkie.

Geez talk about bad news. So I was pretty upset after that but a few hours later mom called to say that Wikkie came back home and walked straight into the living room right beneath the air-con, plopped itself on the floor in exhaustion and laid there unmoving. lol Mom said it must be freakin hot out, even for Wikkie.

Anyways, I came back yesterday morning for my LE course and quickly do some printing before the meeting and ended up with this mess.

Not very pretty huh?

Finally arranged everything in the afternoon with some help from Ain and Lena. Thanks girls. hehehehehe

Bought this from Supasave just to try it. It's pretty good. A tad too sweet but nice for my sugar cravings lol

Charging my baby. This thing runs out of battery like no other! Kinda frustrating sometimes =/

My little mirror Ain gave me. Super useful for when I'm on the computer and suddenly wonders what I looked like at that precise moment wtf

Book I brought with me. Currently on 'Love your body, love your life'.

Some of the makeup stuff. Browns and neutrals.

If you can't tell, yes it is friggin hot!!!!

purdy flower in the garden

There are all sorts of flowers in the hostel that I always enjoyed seeing :D

Roo, my ever trusted companion. ;D

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