May 22, 2011


Hey people!!

Has anyone of you watched the latest sequel to Pirates of The Caribbean? Well if you have, shame on you for not taking me along with you! :P Guess I'll just download it somewhere else... *defeated*

Me and Sharon went up to Bandar yesterday for fun, just the two of us. :D

Not wearing much makeup...

I haven't done a full shot in a while. And if you notice I tied up my hair in a ponytail coz I woke up that morning and thought ZOMFGG I'm not a teen anymore!!! Now I really have to act young and cute without actually being young and cute!!! *puke*

Anyone can look younger with a ponytail. Proof:

Right? Am I right??!

Finally renewed my membership card!! I'm probably the last person in Brunei to do so lol

Most importantly, I got THIS!!!
Behold, the current love of my life

Arrrghhhh!!! So purrdyy

Got this brown casing to match my bedroom's colour theme lol It's so cute!!

If you know me, then you'd know how much I wanted this since... last year? My sisters and dad became victims of my frustration, listening to me yap about wanting an Iphone 4 for almost a year so I'm happy for them now that I can finally shut up about it HAHA They are the awesome-est.
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