May 11, 2011

My first MAC haul!

Hey people!!

I'm finally reunited with the MAC products that I nicely asked (demanded) my sis, Shala get for me. HAHA It feels good to be home! :)) I didn't get a lot of stuff and have never owned any of MAC's blushes or powders so I decided to get them this time around.

The package. I love boxes with my name and address on em! :P


Mineralize Skin Finish Natural...

... in Medium Deep

Mineralize Skin Finish...

...in Gold Deposit

Mineralize Skin Finish...

...in Soft & Gentle

MAC Bronzing Powder...

...in Bronze Matte

MAC blush

...in Desert Rose

Another MAC blush...

...in Springsheen. Gorgeous!!

Like I said before, Shala accidentally bought another palette thinking it's in the list I gave her but it's actually not. I'm so lucky!! HAHA :P

Too Faced Insurance Policy palette. That's actually my first Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer!

So purrdy! I can't wait to try Boy Toy!

As you girls might know, Deseo had a 50% off on all clothings and accessories last weekend for Mother's day. I caught sight of these cute little pair of earrings and can't resist not getting em!

I think they're only BND1.45 after the discount!

I also got this vintage necklace. Omg it's gorgeous! They have a lot of these vintage styled necklace and I wanted to buy them before but most are about BND25 and I thought I shouldn't be spending so much on one single necklace so I never got any. But this particular one is only BND6.45 after the discount!! How can don't buy??!

I saw some T-shirts sold in Jaya Hypermart earlier today and noticed that they are from Forever 21! Lol How they ended up in Jaya Hypermart I have no idea but even the F21 tag is on them and they costs USD3.50! :P It's 'Made in Bangladesh' though, so I guess we're not the only ones wearing cheap clothings. wtff

Anyway, follow me on Twitter if you haven't! I get on there pretty much 24/7 and sometimes it gets boring coz not much people are updating! I'll promise to follow you guys back! Provided I know who you are of course :P


Okay. Bye!
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  1. OMG, You spent a fortune but I'm loving you haul! Forever21 in Brunei? More cooler!^^

  2. Haha yeah It's fun to see forever21 hanging around brunei... somewhere. LOL :P



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