August 25, 2009

Undergraduate degree programmes

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So I've been thinking... a lot. About what I'm supposed to do after my A'levels. A part-time job is a must, coz I don't wanna laze around at home all day doing nothing except the laundry and the dishes without any income. Ughh... Nasty. How to live oh like that? Hopefully I'll be able to get a desk-job somewhere in Belait. Income doesn't really matter... it's the experience I want.

A friend of mine wanted to work at Guardian and I've been there recently and apparently they have vacancies! Good timing, sexy. Lols... I've read the requirements too and there it was: Minimum PMB. Pass lah tu... :D

Actually I had a lot to say about the degree programmes but I think I'll leave it first. At least until the A'levels are over. Oyeah, the AS June results are already out so... congrats to those who are happy about it and to those who aren't, you still have the Nov' AS to worry about. =)

Check out ITB's degree programmes HERE.

Check out UBD's GenerationNEXT degrees HERE.

I've got a list of Universities from UK, Malaysia, Singapore, US, Canada, Aus & NZ which are recognized in Brunei which offers scholarships to students. Copied them down during the talk at school. And most of their lowest requirements are at least an 'A' and 2 'B's. Sigh... why oh why is life so DIFFICULT to live?!?

Moving on...

I went for a stroll at Brunei's best online shop and guess what? They are finally selling BLACKBERRIES!! Oh, mommy love you little darlings so much! (Pets blackberry's ass) Anyways, the ones that they are selling are...

Blackberry Tour 9630 for BN$1117... but no Wireless. =(

Blackberry Gemini 8520 for BN$833

Blackberry Bold 9000 for BN$970

Check out Brunei's Best Online Shop HERE.

These three things above are the reasons why I've been thinking a lot and why I MUST have a part-time job! I know I know, I'm smart like that. :D Lolli-lolli oh Lollipop!

Much Love, Shely

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