December 14, 2011

Skin79 New Vital Orange BB Cream

Hey people!

If you don't already know, Skin79 Brunei launched their new Vital Orange BB Cream a few weeks ago which was also in conjunction with their 1st year anniversary and there was this crazy sale going on and people were buying, browsing and everything. It was huge! I was also given the chance to try out their new and improved Vital Orange BB Cream!

Vital Orange BB Cream

New Vital Orange BB Cream and the original version, Hot Pink BB Cream


Mmm... Liquid gold!

Just to compare the bottles, both look similar except for the colors (Doh) as well as the metallic color at the top. Vital Orange has a liquid gold pump whereas Hot Pink has the silver pump. Personally I preferred the liquid gold. ;) Makes the product look richer! Also, I noticed that the lettering on the Hot Pink tend to wear off over time. Hopefully the lettering on the new packaging of Vital Orange wouldn't!

I first tried this product during the sale and the first thing I noticed about the Vital Orange BB Cream was that the color pleasantly look more similar to that of a foundation. If you are an avid user of both BB Creams and regular foundations, you would have noticed the colors between the two varies in the sense that BB Creams tend to appear a little more grey-ish. Good thing is that Hot Pink oxidizes and will blend into the skin nicely after a short while.

From above, Vital Orange appears to have the color of a regular foundation, meaning to say we wouldn't need to wait as long for the BB Cream to oxidise to our skin tone and will not look as grey-ish as the Hot Pink when you first put it on! Amazing or whaaaatt?? Honestly I was quite surprised at how dissimilar these two products are based on the color alone!

As for the texture, it is extreeeeemeeely creamy and super easy to blend! And you don't need much trust me!! The first time I used it I pumped out the same amount as I would have when I used the Hot Pink BB Cream but as it turns out, it was too much I looked like a ghost! Vital Orange is very pigmented and the coverage can be medium to Ultra FULL depending on how much you use. It covers redness around my nose and lips as well as the visible veins on my face effortlessly! (P.s.: My face is not as scary as you think...)

Before and after Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream

My face's skin tone has always been darker than my neck and I always find it hard to find a suitable foundation shade because I don't want the color between my face and my neck to be even more different that it already is. Vital Orange is a fairly light color so it helped even out my skin tone nicely! Unfortunately I don't think Vital Orange suits people with darker skin tone because the shade is simply too light for darker skin.

Before and after Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream

Vital Orange also has an enhanced SPF50+ in comparison to Hot Pink which has SPF25. I usually put on sunscreen under BB Creams for extra protection so I guess that's even better lol Overall I'm very happy with Vital Orange BB Cream! It doesn't smell weird; in fact I think it's fragrance free? It blends good, covers good and is an overall excellent quality BB Cream. Only downside is that it might not suit darker skin-tone individuals.

Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream retails for BND$53.90. It is by far the most expensive BB Cream I have ever owned! However if you know me, the price of a face product should not really matter even though it may be expensive as long as the quality of the product lives up to the price because remember people, we are putting this on our face! But of course, if you are still a student or if you think the price is a little out of your budget, you can always try the Hot Pink version which retails for BND$39.90. I'm actually quite surprised at the difference between the two prices! (Difference of BND$14!!) Vital Orange also comes with elements that protect our skin from the harsh environment and you can click here to find out what they are. ;D

Of course, as with any other products, make sure you remove them properly by the end of the day before bed! I normally double-cleanse. :)

Be sure to check out Skin79 Brunei's facebook HERE!

Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream
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  1. hey! i always wanna use this but its so expensive lol.i wonder is it non-oily and give matte finish look? my face always tend to feels so oily and shiny at the end of the day if i use BB cream.and in unfortunate times, i would get breakout! ><

  2. Hey there Chan!

    Vital orange BB Cream is suitable for oily combo skin, just like the Hot Pink one. It gives a pretty matte finish but i suggest using a primer before the BB Cream as well as putting on finishing powder after applying the BB Cream if you really want the full matte effect. it will probably last longer that way too! :)

    One trick that I use ALL the time to make my face stay matte throughout the day is by applying Johnson's baby powder when my face starts to shine. It's a quick easy fix (plus super cheap)! if you preferred using face powder you can try out Skin79's Beblesh pack which also works pretty good!

  3. Hi Shely,
    thanks for your review! I was just wondering, how is the oil control compared to the hot pink bb cream? I am currently trying to decide which one to get, but I get pretty oily as well throughout the day so I wanna get as much oil control as possible!

  4. Hi,

    With the oil control, I'd say, for me at least that there are no major differences. It all boils down to how you set the BB Cream!:)

  5. Hi Shely! You look gorgeous and your blog is full of interesting stuffs, so we chose to feature this blog in SKIN79 Brunei Facebook FanPage.. Lovely review of Vital Orange BB

    We also have linked this blog in SKIN79 Official Blogsite http://skin79brunei.onsugar.com/SKIN79-BEST-SELLER-Combo-21716849

  6. Thank you skin79! Love your BB Creams! <3

  7. Hello!!
    Very helpful review!
    Can I ask what shade you are in foundation usually? I'm around NC25 to NC30 in the Summer, so would this look too ashy on me? Oh and also, have you noticed any long-term improvements in your skin after using this? :P Thanks!

  8. @kissineverycity I'm not sure exactly what shade I am but I do use the NC30 MAC studio fix. I'm glad you find the review helpful :)) nah this wouldn't look ashy on you, the pink bb cream is slightly greyer than this and even that doesn't look ashy on me. I guess the point is to apply in moderation lol as for long term improvement, I really couldn't tell because I switch up my foundation all the time!

  9. Can you list the ingredients in the orange bb cream? THaanks!

  10. @Anonymous I have taken a photo of the list of ingredients, pls refer to the link below :)


  11. my face have this pink undertones. sensitive and you can say that it looks as if i am blushing all the time. i used the hot pink BB because it oxidises and adjusted to my skin colour. do you think that the orange one will produce the same result? because i am thinking of switching to either the orange BB or the snail BB.

  12. found your blog and got this review <3
    really helpfull
    love your blog dear, mind to follow each other? <3


  13. @jein The vital orange bb cream is an improvement product to the hot pink bb cream so i'm pretty confident it's gonna work pretty well with your skin tone too! :)

  14. Hi from Canada! New to your blog, found it through this post. Just wanted to say thanks for the review! I want to try this bb cream because of the high SPF. Hope it doesn't make me look unnaturally pale though! :P I'm Chinese, NC25-35 (~NC30 right now). I've ordered samples of the orange, pink, and gold to try :)

  15. @Jacqui haha dont worry it won't. I have a darker skin tone than you and it works well with my skin tone too! :)

  16. Hmm, this is really interesting. I'm actually black--my skintone is like somewhere around Beyonce/Rihanna with yellow undertones. So I wonder if I should try the Orange at all. I've already sampled the Gold BB cream and it adjusted pretty well with maybe the slightest hint of the white/grey cast. My mom was actually gushing at how great it made my face look. So I'm wondering since the orange is lighter if it's less likely to work or more likely to work because of the yellow. Ugh...guess I need more samples.

  17. hello! thank you for the very honest and helpful review! I have been wanting to purchase this bb cream now because I've oily/dry combination skin and I wanted to try something different (skinfood peach sake bb cream user) :>

    p.s you look lovely in those photos <3

  18. Thanks so much for your blog. Every other review I read kept saying that the BB cream was a bad thing but they never showed their face..... After seeing your review, I bought it and now I love it <3 Thank you so much!! To all the people thinking about buying this..... it works from a light to light medium (darkest is NC 30 like shely is). Make sure you also have a good setting powder to rid of that last ounce of ashiness or uneveness and your good to go! Apply moderately too like shely said ^^. Despite what most people said, it really is similar to the Pink version and maybe even a step up ^^

  19. Thank you so much! I loved your post! The BB cream really saved my day compared to the Missha Perfect Cover ^^ <3

  20. @Anonymous I'm glad you liked it! It's my favourite too esp on days when the sun is blazing hot! SPF 50 is really useful sometimes :))

  21. Would the orange vital, suit an NC20 skin tone ? :)

    1. yes it most definitely will! The vital orange is by far the lightest bb cream I own!



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