January 3, 2009


Cherry Blossoms are my latest craze. Can't help it. They're sooo pretty! ^^ But i prefer the ones with 5-petals. Here's some images i found, betcha like them too. =D

From images.google.com

From images.google.com

I was watching the movie Big Stan’ yesterday when I realized that there’s this guy who really looked like Jasper Hale from ‘Twilight’. And I found out it’s really him. Haha… Coz his face is hard to miss in ‘Big Stan’. He’s the best-looking guy there. =P So, here’s a few shots of him from the movie.

He looks wierd here with that hair! His eyes are beautiful though =)

yea, u rock baby! (pronounced baybei =D)

Cute, huh? I know, I know. xD

Anyways, me and my family went to Bandar a few days ago for some last minute shopping since school’s bout to reopen. Here’s what happened… (Like how ‘Monk’ used to say xD)

Yeah, i know. How unfortunate can u get -_-"
Expert at work. haha...

Here’s some other random shots of the last few days of 2008

Sparkling things #_# from pizzahut

Shala looking out for hunks! xD
Bored while waiting for dad to fix the car....

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