November 27, 2009

A day in my shoes

Hey people. Let's get straight to the point, shall we? =)

I went to Bandar today. Thian Hao, driver. Then there's me, Amy and Wei Kang. Met with Sheau Hui, Maria, Jessyana and Nicole at the Mall but they've already booked tickets for 'Christmas carol'. So long story short, we ended up watching Ninja Assasin.


Lots of sound effects, CGs, rain, and blood.

I only knew that we walked around a lot. Both my feet were skinned badly. It hurts. Doh! Haha... I was to blame coz I used high heels. Then I noticed that the more I walk, the more I get used to it and I guess it felt pretty okay. Pain is sometimes good too.

Hm... I went out at 11am and just got back at about 8.30pm? There's nothing to do really. And I've spent a total of about $45. Not bad, considering that me and Amy had to pay for both ours' and Thian Hao's + Wei Kang's food at excapade Sushi. The boys are too 'manly' to pay for theirs. =.="

And surprisingly, I didn't buy anything!! Told ya I'd save as much as possible! =)

Sorry no pictures. I'm not the type. I did manage to take one picture at the cinema before the movie starts:

By the way, avatar seems interesting!

We did not watch 2012 because Amy had seen it 3 times and she sulked whenever we mentioned that 4 numbers. =/ I really wanna watch that though... =(

I just remembered how painful it can be to let water and soap run down skinned feet. Now it looks red and raw. Sigh... I gotta do something about it before next monday coz I really need my feet! xD

Gonna be off to bed soon. My eyes looked messed up huh? =P

By the way, let me just retweet this.

RT @pinkydiamonds LOL HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! well it's not like I read your blog anymore anyway... XD

Thanx a lot Jim. Wahhhhh so sad aa... =(

I'll post my most 'manly' post soon. Still need to think about it. Great idea though!

"If I were the sun,
Could I connect with someone's heart,
As the rain unite,
The eternally separated earth and sky?" - Bleach

Much Love, Shely

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