November 18, 2009

A haircut and rojak post

Time for an update I guess.

Hi Girlies!! So a lot has been happening to me this couple of weeks and I don't know whether to be happy or regretful... I should be happy coz the problem about my bank book has been solved! Yes dear, there's something wrong with my bank account and this has been going on for about a year now and I finally found the courage to face it. A big thanx to those who helped me and gave me advice! Though I didn't listen to you... at all... :P

It's... PICTURE TIME!! yay~

Me and Sharon before my haircut. There's actually someone else beside me but I dare not post it here coz that someone would kill me if I did.

Yes, you're right. It's Shala. hahaha xDD

Taken when the Saloon girl/hairdresser is working on my hair... OMG... Eyebags!!

Sharon, Me, Mum and Shala

Oh and have I told you I had a stalker following me around?? I was hunting at Guardian while this creepy person took a photo of me and I didn't even realise it!

If you look closely, I was actually drooling hahaha xDD

And I also bought these last night. Aren't they cute!!? OMG I'm so gonna bling something! (Have no idea what yet but still...) The colours are just so babyish and girlish. :D

My mum got me the blinged sticker. Still have no idea where to stick it...

If you followed me on twitter, I mentioned something about my mum interested in makeup once again. She said it was really fun shopping for them xDD You go Mum! hahahaa... I recently bought a liquid eyeliner and she really liked it and wanted to get one too but it's out of stock at the mo. So she got this really awesome Gel liner!

Maybelline's Gel liner and L'oreal's liquid liner. Maybelline's cost about BND20 and mine's a few dollars cheaper. But I think I like hers more than mine... =(

Here's the swatch.

L'oreal's on the left and Maybelline's on the right. The Gel liner creates a thicker line and it smudges really nicely, perfect for a smokey touch of eye makeup. Mine creates a really thin and precise line but I sucked at using it so it's not really precise for me. More like all over the place.

Maybelline's Gel liner comes with a brush too!

Front view

Side view

It's quite flat and thin so the application is quite easy. The downside of this product is that Gel liner gets dry after awhile and so we have to clean it after every use to prevent the brush from getting dry and hard. Just like a paint brush when you didn't wash it.

Anyways, if you girlies are thinking of buying one of these, I recommend the Gel liner! :P Just don't forget to buy a bottle of brush cleaner too!

I've been visiting eBay again lately and I think Imma get the NYX Jumbo pencils in Milk, Pots & Pans and also Black Bean.


Anyone interested can order it from eBay here.

I've posted this before but... I just wanna show you guys another product I've been wanting to try:


Anyone interested can order it from eBay here.

Last but not least... falsies!!


It's cheap! USD 1.19 for 10 pairs! Order it here.

See? I'm such a good person, sharing. :P

Much Love, Shely


  1. I admire people who are able to wear falsh lashes!

  2. Thanx. LOL You can try it too! =)



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