January 23, 2011

Just living my life

Hey guys!

Ahh... I feel so MIA in the blogging world. No, of course I'm not lazy! (Yea right) I guess I'm just tasting the world where no blogs live. It was harsh I have to say haha Please don't ask me what I have been up to!!! Okay fine I'll tell you :D

We made sushi! :P There are actually 3 other plates of assorted sushi haha It was my mom's idea I have no idea what wind blew her but yeah it was fun! And some of them might look a bit unappetizing but that's coz they're the end part of the sushi... they need some good lovin' too!

Met up with some of my friends as well at the hostel.


Ajim doing the box dance

Ley looking at me with hatred. Awww she's so sweet! (-__-)

Happy sunday people!
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