January 31, 2011

Liese Bubble Hair Color, a haul and a New Cam!

Hey people!

I'm so glad I get to write up another post before going back to the miserable Female UBD hostel but luck is with me today when I got this text from my Mandarin class lecturer saying that tomorrow's class has been postponed to next week! EEkkk!!! That's the only class I have for tomorrow so... Nyahahaha

I recently dyed my hair with Liese's Bubble hair color in the shade 'Sweet Pink' which I got last December during my trip to KK. I bought that coz I wanted something different this year by which I meant a different hair color. I always dyed my hair DIY style with the box and stuff and I normally need to use 2 boxes of dye since my hair is kinda long. I guess.

Just to be safe, I bought two boxes of Liese's bubble hair color.

The usual stuff

Me eating my marshmallow while waiting for the time to pass. Pls don't mind the ugly t-shirt. I know you own one too. ;) I probably shoulda removed my eye makeup properly dammit

I didn't know I have this much hair on my head. lmao

I ended up using only 1 box of the dye. Yes, one! For all the yummy bubbles above, one box is more than enough. I'm impressed haha coz my hair isn't exactly short... Special thanks to Sharon who is patient with me and so awesome. Here's how my hair looks like the night after:

Awesome or what?

I didn't expect the color payoff to be this good coz I've read some reviews before trying this out and most reviews mentioned that the color payoff is terrible and that the dye wears off. I have no idea how true this is coz it has only been a day after but I hope that's not true! My hair texture is still the same but I think I will need to really condition it more regularly though...

But please be warned if you wanna try this product out. The ammonia will choke you. That's how strong it is.

Anyway, here's my little haul for today... I don't know what happened, I can't control myself.

I got the seaweed toner again coz mine is at the hostel now and I desperately needed one. Turns out this particular line from the Body Shop is made for me! :P (Oily and Combo skin) so I got the facial exfoliator and cleanser as well (Exfoliator at 50% off). Haven't had a good scrub on my skin for too long... The lip gloss I got at 30% off, and the nail polishes and remover from TFS costs BND9.90 (Combo promotion or something).

Revlon Super Lustrous at Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Aren't they gorgeous???! I really like how they have different shades of velvety and shimmery lipsticks but all which are so creamy and moisturizing!

And my favourite purchase of the day:
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320

Yay! Never again will I beg from Sharon to borrow her camera just to take some shots for my blog posts. (E.g. My Skin79 BB Cream post) :P Goodbye Panasonic Lumix... *waves*
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  1. OH NO!!! you make me want to colour my hair with this stuff too!! is the colour even? how long did you leave the bubble dye in your hair? I actually got one box... but I'm not sure if I'm ready to do it.. I'm scared it might be not even! lol. but this post is soooooo CONVINCINGGGG! do you reckon that one box is enough for my hair?

  2. lmao I see mine as pretty even though i'm not really 100% sure haha u're so adorable! it says to leave it for 30 mins but i left it for 40mins. just in case... one box definitely enough!!

  3. grrr! I just tried mine but it was in 'glossy brown'.. It was still too dark for me. How can? :( I left it in for 30 mins or more.. How long did you leave yours in? I'm gonna buy a new box. sighssss

  4. ahh? U mean not obvious kah? I left mine for 40 mins... maybe ur hair naturally really dark? I really wanted to try the new apricot something one actually, but sold out. :(

  5. Hi!! :) hmm did the colour turn out to be very light? Because I'm afraid I cant pull off the look with too light-coloured hair

  6. @Anonymous no, not at all! I think it's just light enough!



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