January 9, 2011

Back at hostel

Hey people.

Yes, I am currently back in the female hostel tonight. I don't have much time to blog but I figured I should do it anyway, as part of my new year's resolution. *ehem* haha so anyways, I knew I will be bored in the hostel and instead of staring at the ceiling like I always did in the past, I brought a storybook with me!

My mom just got me 'Remember Me?' by Kinsella when we did a little shopping earlier 'in order to encourage her children to read'. Thanks mom, you're the best. ;D HAHA and look what I got myself to accompany me through all the lonely nights in the hostel. Say hi to... '.....' Okay I'm thinking of giving it a name... HAHA haven't thought of any yet :P

As if the hostel needs any more monkeys :P

A super cute beanie beads (or something like that) monkey!! So fucking cute! AAaaaahhh

My favourite part of the room. loves. Hm... I should've removed the price tag lmao

A random pic I took of Stephen at HuaHo Bunut.

Bye people.
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