January 3, 2011

New year's resolutions

Hey people!

I was supposed to update this blog on the first day of 2011 just because but I ended up going to Bandar with my family instead! Haha Had a really great time coz we watched another movie; The Tourist. I don't know bout you but I totally felt like a movie freak last week. Yesterday alone I watched 4 movies: Obsessed, Inception, Wake and Black Swan. Oh my goodness... Inception blew the other 3 movies right out the window!! A must watch definitely.

This movie's awesome coz it stars two of my favourite (among a 100 of others) actor/actress of all times! As usual, Angeline Jolie is perfect and Johnny Depp just makes the movie more fun to watch with his orsum acting skills. I give it a 8.5/10. :D

Oh yeah I've totally forgotten about the title of this post. What I usually do is type the title of my blog posts first before actually typing anything else down coz I know some bloggers prefer to type the contents first. Anyways... here are my new year's resolutions.

1) Try to keep my face moisturized daily coz they tend to become dry at some parts and I hate it.
2) Study hard. Doh
3) Remember to cut my toenails wtf
4) Drink more water
5) Update my blog as frequently as possible
6) Smile at strangers more instead of glaring at them
7) Be happy consistently

I think that's all. The final one is the simplest but seems the hardest. Haha Oh well, wouldn't hurt to try. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day since our result's out now and it'll be the time to register for our next semester! I can't help but see the flaws of the Gen next system every time I think about it. pfft

Sharon and me. I've forgotten to smile again.

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