December 31, 2010

Why, hello there 2011

So here I am. Sitting here typing away like some detective researching for the case of the missing people in the dark with only the desk lamp on...

I wish! haha


Just one more day for you to complete your 2010's new year resolutions. I don't think anyone's gonna make it at this point. lmao there's less than 12 hours left to go... but you can try. ;)

Anyways, I went to the Mall recently and watched Gulliver's Travels 3D. It wasn't that bad though I think I expected too much so that was kinda a let down. =/ I haven't seen the trailer for this movie beforehand so I basically had no idea what this movie is all about before I watched it but it ended up not too bad. Jack Black is awesome.

And here's a mini haul for the day:

There's sales everywhere I go. Face Shop, Etude House, the Face Shop. I actually walked in to Etude House and took some stuff thinking I'll buy them and ended up putting them back. I don't know... I think it's cause I kinda knew I don't need it but it's the feeling of excitement I get for buying stuff that I sometimes buy just for the sake of buying. Wtf I know I'm making no sense but see? I didn't buy them! Strong will, people. HAHHAA

I was in the Body Shop when I realised that I've used up my toner so I fai fai search the store for the cheapest toner I could find and finally got the seaweed one fml

I got the Grow Luscious mascara from Revlon as well coz I will be going back to BSB soon (Booooo) and I really need a new one. Of all the makeup I'm into, mascara's one of the things I'm generally not very interested in. I'll take it as long as it won't leave flakes all over my face and gives my lashes some volume. So hopefully this one works.

I also bought the Revlon Photoready foundation! Finally! I've been wanting to try it out despite watching reviews saying that it's not recommended for oily skin, which I am. But ahh what the heck. Must try what hahahaha

Oh oh! Andddd I saw some really nice nail polishes lately! Etude house and the Face shop in particular carries them. I got 2 which are sparkly and will give off 2 colours depending on your lighting. You know, the one which Orly and MAC sells. The venomous villains collection...



This one's from the Face Shop. But not obvious coz of my lighting. Dammit -____- It's Purple+Green actually

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Catch you guys next year! ;D

P.S.: I'm so glad I've hit the 100,000th mark! Yippie!
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  1. omggg!! the orly nail polish is like a dupe for the mac villain nail polish! :D

  2. Yes! But actually if im not mistaken orly had them first. :P



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