December 24, 2010

The picking up of a brush

Hey guys!

Woah I can't believe it's already Christmas eve! The year is quickly coming to a close and I'm still not quite sure if I have achieved my new year's resolutions earlier this year because... I just didn't bother to check. wtf lol

Anyways I was cleaning my stuff and saw my NYX glitters which I never used. I think I bought those earlier this year or something. I never tried them out coz ahhh... glitters are messy and they get all over your face and shirt so I don't even bother picking them up to use. Then I thought since I wanted to do a blog post why not just try out the glitters, enjoy another camwhoring session then update! Haha 3 in 1! Smart anot?!?


Please bear with me here. lmao.


After foundation and gel blush

Tadah! I have to admit, it looks boring! haha

I used some gold glitters and used vaseline as a base so that they stick. I'm so smart today! wtffff

Close up. Covered my other eye coz the other is mono-lidded and I hate how unbalanced my eyes look!

And my skin broke out when I was in KK! So terrible looking with the spots on my face. As if not ugly enough -____-

And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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