December 6, 2010

Tiger Lim T-shirt and Narnia 3D!

Hey guys.

Now that I'm happily sitting at my desk typing away I am able to tell you the tales of today. I have to say, today is a hell of a day! A day which I don't think I will ever forget coz of some things that happened some of which I will share, and some of which I will not. :P People still need some privacy what.


Anyways, this morning I checked my twitter account and my followers increased by 1. Thankfully I always checked whoever's following me and to my pleasant surprise... It's Chris Garver!! If you've been reading my blog you'd probably (not) remember me blogging about this amazing tattoo artist, Ami James. Well, Chris Garver is also one of the tattoo artists who's working at LoveHate tattoo studio. So that's awesome.


Anywhos, this is probably not a big deal coz they probably followed everyone (?) but still... THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME TO ME!!

Okay.. continuing with my story... We went up to Bandar and finally reached the mall and I met


If you don't know who the heck is Tiger Lim, shame on you! He's Brunei's No#1 Broken-English Blogger. :D Anyways, we ordered two of his T-shirts and luckily my dad was able to fit the other one (which actually belongs to someone in the UK nyahahaha I hope you don't mind!) which brings us to...

THIS!! HAHA Hardcore TigerLim fans. wtf.
(I was stepping on my dad's foot if you noticed lmao)

The back of the shirt

After that, we went up to the cinema and I saw this cute cardboard thing:

"They can never get my nose right!" lolol

Watched the latest Narnia 3D movie. Hell, I don't even know the complete title of the movie. Just call Narnia 3D lah, not like you know too right. ;P


Peace y'allllllll

Dad and Stephen enjoying themselves.

Omg. It was so packed in the cinema! We were in the first theater which is the biggest yet we sat on the third row from the front! So you can imagine how much I have to stretch my neck for the next couple of hours. It's actually my first 3D experience and it was... kinda weird? Coz the characters pop out but not exactly 'pop' out and the splashing of the waters kinda surprised me a little. haha

I loved the countdown for the movie the most! And when the title of the movie appears! Like it's literally hanging in mid-air. Cool. lolol The movie isn't bad but I loved the first sequel more.

My face of the day. I did a the cat eye thingy and rocked the red lips. (Not really) I love the pin-up look and have been trying to imitate it but it just doesn't work for me coz I'm not skilled and pretty enough. :(

Oh well.

Katherine from TVD. Love the effects they did with the eyes.
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  1. why movies in brunei so fast come out oneee?? so jealous :( and your dad is so cool although you stepping on his toes was a tad funny. I didnt notice earlier! lol

  2. Haha thank you. :P Isit faster?? I thought it would be out faster in the UK!



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