December 2, 2010

On a Quest

Hey guys.

Went up to Bandar again today but this time, my mom had a specific shop to go to in mind. Furniture stores. I think we went to around 6 or 7 stores in Kiulap, Gadong, Tutong and someplace else which I forgot.

Anyways, I saw some beds with really cute beddings! I like how those people arrange their rooms and bedrooms in magazine where you won't see any random stuff lying around like in a 'real' house for instance newspaper or snacks. Even their decorative stuff are simple and elegant!




So pretty!

Me and Sharon

My Eye of the day. I'm just trying to use up my NYX pigments. I think I used Charcoal, Black and Pearl pigments. I wanna use em up coz I know I can't use them in the hostel coz the fan is too strong and my pigments will just fly all over the place. Haha wtf. I don't know... I don't really like the look of silver greys on me.

Me not happy coz of my messy bedroom. (Sharon and Stephen crashed in my room again.)

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