December 19, 2010

Trip to KK

Hey guys.

I'm finally back. Phew It's only a week but it felt like yearssss. This post is so gonna be filled with randomness. :P

We actually went to KK and stayed at Le Meridien hotel. Now I haven't really stayed in a lot of hotels before but this one is definitely a pretty awesome hotel!

Complete with a bathtub! Perfecto.

The view from our windows.

Right across our hotel is like a tamu or something and they're at it every single night! Untill very late at night I remembered watching them packing up at 12midnight!

My bedtime story

I think everyone in this world enjoys reading Doraemon. :P

Day 2

Sharon and me

Day 3

Went here to fix my tattoo...

Day 4 or 5... Lost track of the days -__-

Breakfast in bed!

Some of the things that I got. Omg I have no idea Sasa holds theBalm products! Loves.

Shady Lady Palette. Super expensive lor. I think its RM120.

I think overall the trip is pretty okay. KK has at least 7x the shops in comparison to Brunei but it's also more polluted. I've watched people spit and smoke every single day I was there and kids peeing in the drain right beside me. Okay I didn't watch them intentionally. Haha wtf Ladies smoking is also a common sight. And where ever I go I can smell the smoke.

I think the shopping areas that I'd love to go back to are the shops in Warisan square though.. and 1Borneo too. :DD
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  1. I'm going off to KK soon too!!! I SO wanna get the Liese bubble hair thingie. Where should I go babe??
    And love the make up u got! so lawa!

  2. Thank you dear! I got from Sasa I'm sure you will come across it in Warisan square. Very easy to find one you wont miss it! :D



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