November 27, 2010

A Tangled Tale

Hey guys...

I've watched Rapunzel! It was amazing!! The effects are so good and the animation is perfect! My dad even approves of us watching these type of movies. (He hates the Japanese Anime where only the mouth of the characters open and close while their eyes stared ahead unblinkingly.) And he insulted Sailormoon! Hello it's one of my favourite anime! Can say I grew up watching Sailormoon. ;P


We ended up watching the non-3D one though. Coz one of Sharon's friend told us it's better to just watch the non-3D one coz 3D is dissapointing?? No idea but whatever. It's still an overall good movie I give it a 9/10! The characters are so cute and the songs are nice so, no complains!

Me posing before leaving for Bandar...

You know, I really wonder how other girls remove their makeup when they reached home from a party or something... Just cleanse your face? Remove the makeup then cleanse? Normally I just cleansed my face and use the makeup remover to remove the extra gunk off my face coz if I only wash my face, I'll look like this:

Yes, I look horrible!!

All my eye makeup is usually 'transferred' to my under eye. So annoying and ugly! I'm actually just using a really cheap but effective makeup remover, Johnson's baby oil. I wanted to try Olive oil though... some other day perhaps.

Notice how I'm suddenly so active in blogging? :D I love the holidays!!
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