November 25, 2010

The ordeal. And Miami Ink.

Hey people!!

I am finally home for good for December and I still feel kinda weird coz I have been studying my ass off since Monday and now I just stopped completely. I have also moved all of my things out of my room at the hostel and it took me 6 times to go back and forth to take the rest of my things. 6!!! And my room's on the freakin' second floor! What the heck did I do to deserve this.

And of course, throughout the time that I've been studying, coffee suddenly appears to be my bestfriend. We went through thick and thin, so to speak.

I had to order 'extra strong' coffee. fml

And of course everyone needs some motivation during the exam season!! Here's mine so that I won't keep slacking and stop studying:

Haha I had my laptop in front of me whenever I'm studying so I thought, why not? It might work.

It didn't. wtf.

Really wasting my time to actually go ahead and make the wallpaper in the first place. haha oh well...

This is what happens when you have a pencil in your hand and a white desk in front of you. I wanted to draw Ain's Ottis (suddenly remembered him :P) but ended up drawing some random cow. With a girlfriend, of course. ;) Oh, and also a pet... something. HAHA


Oh yeah, a few weeks ago, something happened that really surprised me. :P I was watching LA Ink one night and after the show I wondered what happened to Miami Ink coz the last I remembered was Kat Von D moving to LA, hence LA Ink. I then googled Miami Ink and found out that Ami now has a blog! Super awesome!! And he also has a twitter account too! Here you go.

So naturally I'll follow him la... And the next day or something, he followed me back!!

Note his account with the verified stamp. *Click to enlarge!!* I feel so starstruck right now

Okay maybe for you it's not a big deal but hello! I've been watching Miami Ink since high school (I think) and the whole Miami Ink cast is like holy-something to me! It would be a dream come true if one day I set foot in their tattoo shop, LoveHate Tattoo.

Ami James with his smile that makes my nose bleed. Source here.

So, of course I don't really believe that he will actually follow me and I went ahead and found this website to check if a person is really following you! Guess I was in denial HAHA

Read the words in the red box! Eeeeeee!!

I wonder if the rest of the crew has a twitter account. Okay, will check after I'm done with this post. teehee. Meanwhile, here are some of Ami's work:

All photo credits to www.lovehatetattoos.com

See how talented he is??! Well, he's obviously not the only one as there's also Chris Nunez, Darren Bass, and Chris Garver and like a lot more that is now working at LoveHate Tattoo. I'm just telling those who hadn't watched Miami Ink or LA Ink... for those who did, you know what I'm talking about right?!? ;)

The cast of Miami Ink excluding Kat Von D. link
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

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