November 6, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hey guys...

It's 12 midnight now and I woke up at 6am today so you can imagine how tired I am right now. Short and simple is the way to go. :P

And for those who are watching the vampire diaries. Episode entitled 'Rose' is the best, ain't it? What with Damon's confession to Elena... Sigh... That's okay Damon, if Elena doesn't want you, I can have you anytime. :P LMAO Plus, their soundtracks are soooo amazing I love it!

On a totally different note, I had this Eco test the other day and here's what happened:

Morning before test


Day after test. lolol awesome right :P I like after way better!

And I got my Urban Decay Naked Palette! Love it to death.

I did try using some of them. They're very pigmented but quite soft though. But that's okay. ;)

And I'm lucky enough that a friend got me a lil something from overseas.


Okay... oughta go back to sleep now. Till next time, people!

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