October 31, 2010

Ready... Set... Splurge!!

Hey people!!

I just got back from Bandar and I think I'm supposed to be extremely hyped and happy but I'm kinda afraid right now. HAHA I need some budget planning because I can't help but splurge whenever I got the chance!

The Sigma Premium Kit finally arrived and here are some pictures of them:

The Buffer brush you have to buy separately. Paid a total of BND280 for these...

The brushes...

I love this! So cute! :D

There's another thing that I got...

Charles & Keith heels! Omfg so fucking blur.

You know, I'm not really the type to actually spend so much on a pair of heels... unlike a friend of mine who is obsessed with them... hint hint Jesmine... hehe.. Anyways, I'm really happy with it and will keep this one protected in its box unlike the rest. Lolol

Btw, I have a mission for these heels okay?! (hint hint* Ain :P)So I have the rights to spend this much on them. *guilty*

I got some other stuffs too but these are my faves! ;D
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