October 3, 2010

Simple update


Hey people! Just a short update tonight as I brought along my laptop to Bandar to a friend's house for some discussion and left the charger at Kanniga's car. So no laptop for me tonight. ='( Anyways these few days are one of the busiest for me (not really) and I am loving it!

Fatin, Ain and me

These pictures are taken a couple of weeks ago at Fatin's house. Haha I love the look on Ain's face. lolol

And Ajim's face in this! :D

Last group picture with Shala at the airport, which is the second from left, front row.

Me and dad at the airport.

Guess what... I bought some stuff from etude house again. I think I need professional help. -__-

xoxo, Shely.

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